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Brittney Kristina

About Me

I'm an old soul who is also a hippie and is usually found sipping from a large cup of coffee or tea, reading a book, running outside, swimming, bullet-journaling, practicing yoga, or reciting Michael Scott. Also, I have a Russian Blue kitty named Tots.


I am an author of two novels and one collection of stories. Writing long before I can remember, I finished my first "novel" in the 4th grade. The act of writing has seemingly always been my outlet, how I understand myself, my feelings, and my own surroundings.


I recently graduated the University of North Texas with dual Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and English, Creative Writing. While there, I was President of my university's Creative Writing Club. Currently, I serve as Student Communications Content Creator for UNT's University Brand Strategies and Communications Department and formerly served as Editorial Assistant for 3+ years.


With a passion for storytelling, immersing myself into unique worlds and the mind, such as mindfulness, neuroscience, and various psychology theories and practices, I have blended all of my loves into one place—this website. An outlet, one might say, for all my obsessions as well as a commonplace for all my creations to thrive on. I have a lot of interests, if that isn’t already obvious, and craved a space to explore all sorts of topics, including myself, as well as share insight and advice I pick up along the way.

On this website, you can expect to see interviews with other creatives, writing tips, book reviews, analysis posts, fitness inspiration, and posts on topics such as psychology, wellness, mindfulness, minimalism, and anything else dancing around in my mind. And of course, you'll find updates on my new projects and recent writings.

Want to chat/have a blog post request? Be sure to contact me!

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