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5 mindsets for inner peace and joy

Hey there! How are you?

Currently, I feel wonderful. I sat down to do yoga for brain fog and discovered my new, favorite instructor, Mariya Gancheva. I completed day one of her yoga for weight loss series and... bliss.

If you enjoy yoga, I suggest you check out her channel!

I'm thrilled about this post, actually. As I've grown older, I've tried to expand and ease my mind by repeating affirmations and aligning my mind with healthy mindsets. The only way I've pushed through so many obstacles, like moving from home, healing from a depression-like state, and publishing a book at a young age, is because of my set-in-stone mindsets.

Mindsets are the set of beliefs one obtains. The way we perceive the world is the foundation for everything around us. Mindsets and our beliefs are the keys to everything in our lives in the sense that our life can only be as good as we believe that it is.

Every action, every word spoken from our tongue, and our mere way of life derives from our mindsets.

The following 5 mindsets are what I implement every day, as often as I can. Whenever faced with an obstacle, a doubt, or even uncertainty, which is common nowadays, we can work to align with these affirmations and trust in them and their power.

1. Everything is working out for me

Believing that the world is against you won't lead you anywhere but down, as you gain resentment and hatred toward the unseen probabilities of nature.

Instead, trust that everything is working out for you. Failures and successes all occur for reasons that may remain hidden but are always there. Knowing that The Universe, God, or the simple happening of events are all working out for you will ease your worries and tension.

Embark through life with a mindset of hope, assurance, and excitement for what's in store, not fear. Know that all is happening for the greater good.

2. I am exactly where I'm supposed to be

We may not be where we want to be, but we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

Right here, right now.

Oftentimes we forget that life is a series of rather average events with a few highlights of achievements. Those highlights and achievements give off a flicking moment of satisfaction and happiness. Then, over time, those emotions fade and we are back to normal. Back to right here.

Understand that you will get to where you want or need to be in time. As for now, you're simply climbing up that hill, and that's okay. That's not a bad thing at all. Enjoy the ride. Don't rush.

Appreciate where you are every step of the way, and welcome the peace and natural joy that comes with this belief.

3. I choose to live presently and mindfully

Most people I know are rushing through life. Rushing to adulthood, rushing to get married, rushing to graduate college, rushing to own their own business. While it's a great thing to get a head start on things and make life happen, it's also vital, for our minds and bodies and overall satisfaction, to be present fully.

Even now, in college, I find myself racing to graduate so I can work on my own or for a magazine as a writer. I fantasize about my future rather than enjoying this precious time right before me.

When you're feeling stressed or exhausted from everything going on, remember to live presently and mindfully. But not only that--choose to do so. Pay attention to everything around you, the minor details and "boring" events, because that's life, too.

Slow it down, and allow the future to come to you every now and then. Be at peace with this mindset.

4. There are joys in every moment

We often associate our well-being with productivity, losing weight, finding a significant other, accomplishing goals, eating food when hungry, and many more.

The aftermath, the pleasure, "fixing" our bodies and our lives.

In reality, happiness can be found all around, and there are joys in every moment, not only in the grand highlights.

As I write this post now, I smile at my cat, who nestles on my bed. I enjoy the openness my body contains, thanks to my yoga practice. I allow the sunlight to flutter into my bedroom and warm me as I snuggle up in a cardigan and feel my fingertips glide across the keyboard.

Trust and realize that there are joys, at least simple ones, in every moment. Having this mindset will help align your mind to actively search for these little joys. We will acknowledge that even in the tough, uncertain times, we can find happiness.

What are some joys around you now? Let me know below

5. I am loved, and I love loving

This is my favorite mindset, as it eases all my stress and fear. It's easy to beat ourselves up, feel far from our goals, trapped by our past. But when we sit in silence and say I am loved and I love loving, none of those things seem to matter anymore.

It may seem cheesy, but love is all we really need. Giving love as well as receiving love. Remembering that we are loved, by ourselves, others, or God, will help welcome peace and assurance that we have meaning and worth. Loving others will build stronger bonds and welcome goodness into your life. This mindset, if repeated, will bring you joy and may further help cure loneliness and poor self-image.

Say it aloud with me: I am loved, and I love loving.

Now welcome all of the joy and abundance into your life, as it comes.


Creating healthy mindsets takes time and effort--it's not a quick and easy thing. We have to mentally rewire our minds and perceptions by falling back onto these positive affirmations before reaching for fear, anger, anxiety, and pain. Like everything else in life, it takes practice and patience.

But, there's beauty in the two.

By implementing these mindsets into everyday scenarios, peace of mind and inner joy will come to you.

I hope this post has comforted you in the midst of this rocky time. Feel free to reach out to me at any time, or comment below.

Probably writing,


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