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Simple mindfulness practices for living more mindfully

Hi there!

I've been obsessed with the mindfulness podcast, The Mindful Kind. I've been listening to it while showering, working on my bullet journal, and while on long walks, feeling a sense of calm with every episode. I realized a few days ago that, although my blog's name is called Mindfully Brittney, rarely do I write about mindfulness. And, when listening to this podcast, I've come to find that I rarely practice mindfulness myself.

Over this past week, I've begun implementing mindfulness practices each day and already feel a sense of clarity and calm. With craziness and uncertainty going on in the world at the moment, mindfulness is also a good way to return to the center and find comfort in ourselves. (I hope you are doing well, by the way!)

It's difficult, at my age, to figure out what I really want, which is why my posts expand over a wide range of topics--I love everything! Through mindfulness, too, I've been able to keep a clear mind on what I want.

If you've been wanting to be more mindful each day, like me, try adding the following practices to your daily life! I will certainly begin writing much more on mindfulness as well.

Simple mindfulness practices for living mindfully

1. Mindful eating

When we sit down to eat, oftentimes we sit in front of a television, scroll on Pinterest, etc. I do this often--don't feel bad for doing so! But, if we feel like we don't have time to be mindful every day but want to begin anyway, mindful eating is a good place to start.

Start by choosing a meal where you put up all distractions (yes, including your current read). Taste each bite fully and thoroughly, and sip your drink slowly. Really enjoy your meal, and be grateful for its nourishment. I love doing this over breakfast on the balcony with my coffee.

2. Yoga

I have been a yogi for a long time, but I'll admit that I sometimes turn on autopilot and just go through the motions. Today, however, I turned on a video and moved through each pose intuitively, following my breath and feeling each stretch and the pull of my skin and muscles, the popping of my neck.

I only do yoga about twice to three times each week, but I also try to stretch every morning and evening. Long yoga practices or simple stretching are great ways to fit in some time for mindfulness.

Try a yoga sequence while fully in-tune and connected to your body. Feel every moment, and feel your chest expand with every breath. Notice how aware and calm you feel after your yoga practice.

3. Paying attention to your thoughts

With thousands of thoughts racing through our minds constantly, it's impossible to notice every single thought. However, paying attention to our thoughts is a great way to slow down and become in-tune with ourselves.

If you're on social media and find that you're judging someone, maybe log off for a bit. If you're in a conversation with someone but find that your thoughts are wandering, bring them back to the person in front of you. Noticing the negative or fear-based thoughts, as well as the positive, grateful thoughts, will bring you back to the present and help you to be more mindful in all situations. It will also help prevent mental clutter by slowing down and processing thoughts as they come.

4. Intentionally reading

I can't be the only one who speed-reads books and flips through pages for the sake of getting the book over with, right? Or comments on photos, but didn't even read the caption thoroughly? Oh, I am? Oops....

When you read a quote online, process it, store it. When your friend posts a personal caption, take time to read it, and maybe reply. When you're reading a book, pay attention to the scenery, the body movements, the tone of voice throughout. Immerse yourself into whatever you're reading, and if you don't enjoy it enough to read it fully, then put it up and find another way to spend your time. Don't read for the sake of reading--actually read, and enjoy it!

Mindful reading is a great way to introduce mindfulness into your everyday life.

5. Incorporating mindful rituals into each day

Try adding a mindful ritual to your daily routine, such as a warm bath at night, brewing tea in the afternoons, or daily journaling each morning. Carve out space to purposely be mindful and centered in the present moment. Pair up an activity you love with mindfulness to create a mindful ritual you look forward to.

My mindful ritual is sipping coffee in the mornings, as well as brewing tea in the afternoons when I get off work. Let me know below what your mindful ritual is!

6. Tuning into your intuition

Rather than jumping to a decision, try tuning into your intuition. In order words, clear some space so that you can better hear your gut. Find a quiet place to journal or rest your eyes, and visualize what you desire and where you'd like to be. Create a mindful retreat for yourself in which you can be aware of your feelings and figure out what you desire, and not through the help of anyone else.

7. Daily meditation

Meditation, as you probably already know, is a great way to practice mindfulness and be aware of the present moment. Either look up guided meditations on YouTube or play some relaxing music, tune into your breath and relax. Meditation will not only help you tune into your intuition, clear mental clutter, and be aware of your thoughts, but it will also calm you and help you find your center within.

I'll honestly admit that I fell out of meditation, as I did with other mindfulness practices. But, I've been practicing meditation daily for four days now, and I look forward to it every morning. I've been listening to the 21-Day Positive Mindfulness Meditation Challenge on Spotify. Give it a listen if you've been wanting to begin mediating as well!


I hope these practices help you to live more mindfully and ground yourself in the present moment. Times are strange right now, but I do hope that this post offers you a sense of comfort and helps you find clarity in these uncertain times.

Also, check out The Mindful Kind podcast for more mindful practices and plenty more information on mindfulness. The website, too, is here.

If you haven't already, subscribe to my email list, as I will be sending out my first monthly newsletter tomorrow! Or, contact me and I will add your email to the list!

Regardless, I will see you on Wednesday for another writing post! Stay tuned, and stay safe.

Probably writing,


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