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3 Ways to Freshen Your Mind for Spring

After a lapse of cold, gray skies, it’s an immense relief to finally feel some sunshine on my skin! Whenever this new, sunny season rolls into fruition year after year, I look forward to freshening up both my space and my mind through spring cleaning. Of course, many people spend this time physically decluttering and deep cleaning to prepare for summer, but it is important to tidy your mind, too. Emerging out of the winter months, we tend to hold onto a lot, storing it tight as though undergoing an intense hibernation. But, as we shed our heavy coats, let’s also shed the unnecessary weight and step into this beautiful weather feeling light and rejuvenated! The following are 3 simple ways to freshen your mind, and reset yourself, for spring.

1. Release limiting beliefs

What are some old, stubborn thought patterns that you have been clinging onto? You know what I mean. The nagging voice in your head, telling you that you are not enough, that nobody likes you, and that you are destined to fail. Maybe something happened that you just can’t shake, and it’s been eating at you ever since. We don’t have time for any of this! Not now, with the sun shining bright and the path laid out before us.

Take some time to journal, or just deep breathe, and reflect on any beliefs that are holding you back and are not positively impacting your life. They may have served you in the past, but not anymore. After pinpointing the patterns, visualize yourself holding a dandelion, in a wide and open field. This dandelion represents all of the mental baggage you have been carrying. Softly blow on the dandelion and imagine that all of the worries, negativity, and hardships are drifting away, being carried softly by the wind until you can no longer see them. Then, drop the stem, and notice your empty palm. Think about how much lighter you now feel. Then, race through the field, free as a bird!

2. Check up on your resolutions

With the hectic nature of the new year, it's common to overlook any goals you have made for yourself this year. If you created any New Year's Resolutions, spend some time checking up on them. Have you made good progress? If you are behind, what can you change or adjust to make things easier? Are there any habits that you can implement to help carve away at your task? If you are farther ahead than planned (like I am with my reading goal, hooray!), maybe make your goal more ambitious. How can you reformulate your expectations for this year?

Following up with your 2024 resolutions can help align and center yourself with your current values. It is perfectly okay if you have changed since the start of the year. But most often, bringing awareness to your ambitions can help cultivate a fresh start for what is to come. How can you return to your core values this new season? Also, remember that you are the only person who can truly make things happen in your life. Don’t burn yourself out or put too much pressure on yourself, but do keep in mind that you are the bearer of your own destiny. 

3. Restore your mind through daily habits

After a long day of work, we may yearn to flop down on the couch and soak up mindless television or scroll through social media to relax and refresh. While it is perfectly okay to rest when needed, this action does not restore our minds in the same way that it eases our sore bodies. Our minds crave pure silence to properly restore. There is so much media nowadays, which can lead to overconsumption and in turn, build up internal stress, anxiety, and overwhelming emotions. What we truly need is not screens, but awareness. This spring, cultivate daily habits like bird watching, gazing out the window, sipping tea, going for walks, stretching, deep breathing, reading in a park, swimming, or playing with a pet. These brief escapes will help revitalize the mind so that you can feel refreshed for your busy, everyday life, beyond your physical self. Personally, my favorite post-work routine is to brew myself a cup of coffee or tea, and sip slowly while I look out my window and pet my cat. This is typically followed by a wandering walk and a mindful yoga session. 

I hope this spring treats you so very well! Talk soon, friends.

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Nikki Cox
Nikki Cox
07 mar.

Love this! So ready for spring and will definitely give these a try!

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